Yukon Territory

Yukon or Yukon Territory is a Canadian territory at its north-western edge. To the east it borders the Northwest Territories, to the south British Columbia and to the western Alaska (USA). Its capital is Whitehorse. It has an area slightly more than 474,000 square kilometres, which makes it the 9th largest territory of Canada.

Yukon is located at the Continental Divide of the North American continent and the Alaska Peninsula. A large part and at the same time the river catchment area of the same name is formed by the Yukon uplands. Yukon is situated in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains; the highest points (especially in the southern part of this area) are simultaneously the highest peaks of the mountains. The high-mountain passes and valleys contain a large number of mountain lakes and tarns. In the southeast, southwest and northwest edge of the territory there are four major national parks. There is a short stretch of coastline along the northern edge of the Arctic Ocean (the Beaufort Sea in particular), while the southwest corner almost touches (except for about 20 km of the United States) the waters of the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Alaska) .

The vast Cordillera mountain range extends into Yukon. The majority (19 of 20) of Canada’s highest mountains lie right in this territory.


  • State : Canada
  • Land area : 474,713 km2

Map of Yukon Territory

List of cities/area in Yukon Territory

NamePopulation (2011)
Beaver Creek
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Burwash Landing
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