Terms and Conditions

All services provided by the LynxMaps.com portal are free.

- Bulk data retrieval from the LynxMaps.com portal is forbidden 
- The portal is divided into public and non-public sections. Most of the data can be seen by the user without registering 
- To add new POI points, the user does not need to be logged in. The administrator however reserves the right not to publish information which breaks the law, morals, dignity, and the principle of equality at his sole discretion. The portal LynxMaps.com therefore has no obligation to disclose information added. 
- The portal LynxMaps.com takes not responsibility for publishing any data which any user of the portal publishes
- The portal LynxMaps.com takes no responsibility for any loss arising from the use of this information portal. All data are of a general, informative character. 
- If it is found that any information does not reflect reality, any user can communicate this information to the administrator using the contact form. 
- Users are forbidden to add photos and copyrighted material The non-public part of the site is accessible only by properly registered participants. Registered participants are responsible for the content and quality the information they add. The non-public part serves mainly to add advertising allowing sale of real estate, to promote products and for sending governmental requests. 

The portal LynxMaps.com undertakes not to provide the information provided at registration (email address) to any third party.