Ontario is one of the ten Canadian provinces. It is the most populous and second largest. The main centre and capital of the province is Toronto. The name Ontario is of Iroquois origin and means "magnificent lake", referring to Lake Ontario. The territory of Ontario includes the capital of Canada - Ottawa. Ontario has an area of just over 908,000 square kilometres. In the north it is bounded by Hudson Bay and James Bay, to the east by the province of Quebec, by Manitoba to the west and to south by Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Ontario, like most of Canada's provinces, is populated unevenly. The most densely populated area is the southern part of Ontario, particularly the greater Toronto area. The area of Northern Ontario is only sparsely populated (near the Great Lakes) or not populated at all.

The Province of Ontario is predominantly English-speaking, but nevertheless it has a very diverse population as regards ethnic origin. Most of the inhabitants are of English origin (24.7 %). Quite a lot of the inhabitants are of Scottish (17.5 %) or Irish descent (16.5 %). French origin is declared by 11.2 % of the population of the province.


  • State : Canada
  • Land area : 908,608 km2