Sulfur Dioxide Removal

Cansolv Technologies Inc. (CTI), is a Process Development and Licensing company which markets the CANSOLV® System Sulfur Dioxide (SO²) Scrubbing Technology. The technology can be applied to flue gas desulfurization (FGD), sulfur recovery unit (SRU) and most gaseous process streams in the power generation, refining, natural gas, sulfuric acid, smelter and pulp & paper industries. CTI conducts active, innovative and advanced research on Pollution control, sulfur conversion and reuse. CTI employees, conduct research on Vapor Liquid Equilibria (VLE), Electrodialysis (ED), membrane processes, process simulation and optimization and de-NOx, in state of the art laboratories.



  • Type : In-License (Seeking)


400 Maisonneuve Boulevard West
Montreal, Québec

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