Frequently asked questions

What can I find / promote on the portal
You can find cities, streets, shops, establishments, companies, products, services and top travel destinations on the portal. You can also promote products, services and real estate free of charge in entire Canada.

How does searching work?
At first, you have to specify the search phrase and adjust the map area of searching. There are 4 options of search area specification:
  1. Through the map rectangle
  2. Through the map circle
  3. Use of visible map area in case of not used rectangle or circle
  4. Entering name of the location, province, city, municipality
If you don't specify the area of search, max. 20 results in each category will pop up. If you mark any field, search will be restricted to particular category with 80 results of searching. You can mark more than one category.
The map can be maximized in the search results and the results can be displayed next to the map in the adjustable window.
Searching for real estate only, you can use advanced search, clicking on the link "real estate" in the scroll window.

Can I block my own establishment displaying or change its data?
To be able to block your establishment, you have to request it through the contact form, stating url address of the facility on the portal and the reason of blockage. If you want it because of incorrect data, you can update it, clicking on the link "request update". You are also allowed to edit / complete the data after login.
I added new information but am not able to see any change, why?
Any information must be verified by administrator within 24 hours.

What is the bulb in the right bottom corner for?
Since the project has just been launched, you can share your ideas with us or to make us aware on any error. We would really appreciate it.

What is considered a product / service and how can I add it?
Try to find your establishment on the portal
If you succeeded, add particular products and services in the establishment page in the menu "Add products / services for this establishment"
Otherwise you can create a new establishment, using menu "Add place"
In the window "Place", add general information about the establishment
In the window "Product / Services" enter particular products / services

Are my contact data secured on the portal
Your data are securely stored on our portal. Contacts are displayed on the page in the form of pictures in order to avoid spam spread.

Can I advertise on the portal
Yes you can, on the establishment pages there is a room for your advertisements, just contact us with this request via contact form.

How to add establishment, real-estate or top travel destination on the portal?
At first, enter approximate location in Canada where your object is located. The map approximates(even more after double-click), add marker with single-click and then click on the automatic address identification button. If necessary, add / adjust the data. Items marked with * are mandatory.

How fast will my data appear in the search engines and what should I do to get better results in the search engines?
Your data will appear in the search engines after indexing and after verification. Adequate object name and brief description affect positions in the search engines. We recommend advanced users adjusting headings in HTML, structuring text and use highlighted text. Please read the detail manual.

Can I share information on the social networks?
You can share information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and further hundreds of websites upon clicking on the icon + on the right top corner of the page.

What are GEO locations?
They are areas, cities, streets and natural objects.