About Us

Our company has been involved with mass information collection since 2005. We work with various institutions which provide public information. We also enable Internet users to promote their services free of charge. The user can actively participate in building the website by adding information about their services, company, institution or an interesting place in the country.

A separate module allows owners to offer their real estate for sale. Especially, we focus on mapping systems which we use to create heat maps of an area. The target information is the geographical names of the area, population and statistical results, maps of industry, services, trade, transportation infrastructure, real estate and tourist information about interesting destinations. Specifically, the project LynxMaps.com Canada is divided into several stages. After testing the first stage based on user requirements, it will be extended. Experimentally, a map of industrial products will also be created.

All services provided by the LynxMaps.com portal are free.